CDM: The 7th Edition of the Diocesan Council of Caritas Development MAHAGI-NIOKA took place this Thursday 22 to Friday 23 April 2021 under the presence of His Excellency Bishop Sosthène AYIKULI

The Diocesan Development Council is an advisory and guidance body whose members are appointed by the local Ordinary. It takes the place of the General Assembly of the CDM. The local Ordinary is the President of the Diocesan Development Council and is made up of members of two categories: appointed members and ex officio members.

The appointed members are made up of natural persons, men and women, designated and appointed by the Ordinary of the place himself. They must be endowed with the intellectual, professional and moral qualities capable of enabling them to contribute to reflection on questions relating to the pastoral care of charity in the Church.

Are ex officio members: the Vicar General or the Respondent of the Bishop, the diocesan Bursar, the Pastoral Coordinator, the Coordinator of Catholic Convented Schools, the pastors, the Director of the CDM and the Coordinators of BDD, BDSP, BDD and CDJP.

Members of the Diocesan Development Council do not have a specific mandate. Before each meeting, the local Ordinary designates the participants according to the subject to be dealt with.

The tasks of this Council are to: Contribute to the reflection on the pastoral care of charity in the Diocese of Mahagi-Nioka; Advise and propose orientations on which the local Ordinary can base his decisions; Propose priorities and intervention strategies in areas relating to sustainable development, the promotion of solidarity and sharing as well as health and justice and peace.

The Diocesan Development Council meets once or twice a year at the invitation of the local Ordinary.

For this year, this Diocesan Council turned to the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Peace (CDJP), a Coordination of Caritas Development Mahagi-Nioka, coordinated by Reverend Abbot Sylvain DRILEYO ENAMA. Under the theme: "The CDM, committed to building a world where justice and peace reign for the harmonious and integral development of human beings". And the Sub-theme:"The CDJP / CDM, 25 years of commitment to justice and peace: 1996-2021". Announced since May of the year 2020 by His Excellency Mgr Sosthène AYIKULI ADJUWA in his letter addressed to partners.

“For 25 years of its existence, the CDJP has not been a judicial body where someone can come and complain against his adversary in order to obtain reparation, but rather, it is an organ of the pastoral care of the Bishop. for the search for truth and peace. Such a commitment deserves a serious organization of the members of the society with a view to creating a society where peace and justice reign. It can be said without fear of any contradiction that a society where peace and justice reign is not a given fact or chance; it is the result of a struggle and of a concerted or collective organization for the development of every man and the whole man. This is why the CDJP fights upstream against mistreatment, injustices of all kinds, social inequalities and violations of human rights. Downstream, it fights for the promotion, the respect, the dignity of the human person created in the image and likeness of God ". Concluded Abbé Sylvain during his presentation on the CDJP.

The Director of the CDM, Reverend Abbot Prosper RUGAMBA will continue with the exposition of the other coordinations: their actions and their specific objectives during the years to come.

The members of the General Assembly are grouped together by deanery to pinpoint the problems that arise in the diocese of Mahagi-Nioka, in order to allow His Excellency Bishop Sosthene to resolve them in the days to come.

During two days of its unfolding from 04/22 to 04/23/2021 and after the final prayer of His Excellency Bishop Sosthene, the Diocesan Council ended with a theater played by the students of the VIDA minor seminary to liven up the evening.

Ir. Faustin MUNGUTSI

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