Mahagi: 36 health areas in Aungba and Kambala equipped with motorcycles by Caritas Développement Mahagi-Nioka with funding from UNICEF

A total of 36 areas in the health zones of Aungba and Kambala in Mahagi territory located more than 190km north of Bunia each received a motorcycle, donation from Caritas Development of the Catholic Diocese of Mahagi-Nioka with funding from the UNICEF.

An endowment that fits with the program to respond to the urgent and essential needs of the population returning to their villages, said the Aungba zone chief medical officer.

A program that runs from July to December 2021 and has 3 components, according to the same source. “The Wash component boils down to improving the drinking water supply system for returned populations, the Health component boils down to free care for children aged 0-5, pregnant women and vulnerable adults in health areas. The community dynamic component comes down to the activities of installing community animation units in several villages with the aim of boosting their own development, ”explained Delphonse Unen Ali.

Note that the ceremony of this handing over of the rolling machines took place this Wednesday, October 12, 2021 in the presence of the administrator of the territory of Mahagi, lr Colonel Disanoya, the delegate of UNICEF, the director of Caritas Development Mahagi-Nioka as well as than all those in charge of the 36 health areas concerned.

The Aungba zone chief medical officer did not fail to thank the partners, Caritas Développement Mahagi-Nioka and UNICEF for having responded favorably to the advocacy carried out to reduce the vulnerability of the population in his entity. He asked the beneficiaries of the motorcycles to use them as good fathers of families.

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