Mahagi: A new chapel was born within the Parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes.

This Thursday, September 09, 2021, His Excellency Monsignor Sosthène AYIKULI ADJUWA, Bishop of the diocese of Mahagi-Nioka proceeded to the blessing of a new chapel intended for the Christian faithful of Caritas Développement Mahagi-Nioka and which is located in the enclosure of this charitable establishment.

The ceremony began around 10 a.m. with a Eucharistic celebration. During his homily, the local Ordinary invites these Christian faithful to a solid strengthening of their faith. He also underlines that, if this chapel was born within this establishment, it is so that each and every one can review and strengthen their relationship with God.

The rest of the ceremony consisted of the blessing of several sacred objects intended for the chapel.

After the song of thanksgiving, the devices newly acquired by Caritas Développement Mahagi-Nioka and other lay faithful were blessed. Among those of Caritas Développement Mahagi-Nioka, we retain: a bulldozer, a compactor, a grader, a Toyota Land cruiser and two minibuses, all new.

It was around noon that the Eucharistic celebration ended. And, directly, His Excellency Monsignor the Bishop proceeded, during the second part of the ceremony, to the blessing of the buildings that will house the Kindergarten of the Saints Children School Complex of FATIMA which had been operating for 3 years in the buildings of the Mahagi ANUARITE High School.

Finally, a family meal shared together around Monsignor the Bishop closed the day.


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